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At East Bay Golf Lab, we're proud to offer top-tier facilities for golf instruction right here in Walnut Creek. Our commitment to helping golfers of all levels reach their full potential is unmatched. We're closely affiliated with some of the most renowned golf instructors in the Bay Area, and we're delighted to connect you with them.

Whether you're an experienced golf instructor seeking an exceptional place to teach or a dedicated student of the game eager to elevate your skills to the next level, we've got you covered. Simply fill out our form, and we'll take care of the rest, ensuring you're set up with the perfect instructor to meet your specific needs and goals.

At East Bay Golf Lab, we believe that access to excellent instruction is key to improving your golf game, and we're here to make that connection seamless. Join us in the pursuit of golfing excellence, where your journey to becoming a better golfer begins. Let's tee off on your path to success together!


Brandon Gazdar

Golf Instruction

Certified Club Fitter

Master Club Builder

Brandon is a golfer with a burning ambition to conquer the world of professional golf on a global scale within the next few years. His remarkable journey into the realm of golf and baseball commenced at the tender age of 2, laying the foundation for a lifelong passion for both sports. However, when a shoulder injury abruptly terminated his collegiate baseball career, it paved the way for his next exciting venture: a return to the world of golf.

Dedicated to his craft, Brandon dedicated years to mastering the art of club building and fitting. His unwavering commitment to understanding the intricacies of the golf game and his technical expertise in club fitting led to a remarkable opportunity. Brandon was handpicked to become the head tech for TaylorMade's Northern California/Northern Nevada region, a testament to his exceptional talents and knowledge.

In just a mere 7 months, Brandon ascended to become one of the top fitters within the entire TaylorMade company. His innate understanding of the game, coupled with his technical prowess, allowed him to excel in helping golfers find the perfect equipment to enhance their performance.

Today, Brandon brings his formidable skill set, boundless enthusiasm, and a contagious positive outlook to East Bay Golf Lab. He is an indispensable piece of the puzzle, contributing to our mission of redefining the way golfers approach and excel in their beloved sport. With Brandon on our team, we're excited to offer golfers a unique and comprehensive experience as they strive to reach their full potential.


Blake Bertrand

Golf Instructor

Blake’s passion for golf has been a driving force for over 15 remarkable years. His journey in the world of golf began at an early age, and since then, he’s immersed himself in every facet of the industry. In 2013, Blake took the leap and turned professional, a decision that has shaped his life in the most fulfilling ways.

For Blake, the game of golf isn't just a sport; it's a lifelong love affair that he’s been fortunate to share with others. There's nothing quite like the camaraderie of working alongside fellow players, watching them grow and achieve their goals. Witnessing those "aha" moments on the course is what fuels his dedication day in and day out.

Central to Blake’s teaching philosophy is the belief in working harmoniously with your body's unique abilities. We're not all cut from the same cloth, and understanding your body's strengths and limitations is key to unlocking your true potential on the course. His approach is all about tailored guidance, helping you refine your skills and optimize your performance based on what works best for you.

Blake’s involvement in the golf world doesn't end with instruction alone. He’s also a dedicated club maker and fitting expert. Crafting clubs and finding that perfect fit isn't just a technical endeavor for him; it's an art form. Blake understands that the right equipment can make all the difference in your game, and is here to ensure that every aspect of your golfing experience is fine-tuned to perfection.

So whether you're a beginner looking to find your footing on the fairway or a seasoned player aiming to shave off those last few strokes, Blake will guide you every step of the way. He’ll work with you to embrace your strengths and transform your time on the course into an extraordinary journey of growth and achievement. Get ready to tee off on a new chapter of your golfing story – Blake can't wait to be a part of it!


Ahmad Dilliehunt

Golf Instructor

Ahmad, affectionately known as Coach Ahmad was born and raised in the vibrant Bay Area. Coach Ahmad's journey in the world of golf is both a personal passion and a cherished family legacy.

Ahmad's introduction to the game of golf occurred at a tender age, guided by none other than his father, the esteemed professional golfer, Rushel Lee Dilliehunt. Drawing from the invaluable lessons instilled by his father, Ahmad carries forward the torch of his family's golfing tradition with pride and dedication.

As a golf instructor, Coach Ahmad offers a unique blend of experience and empathy. His firsthand experience as a golfer himself allows him to tap into the wisdom passed down through generations and continue his father's legacy with every lesson he imparts. Ahmad's teaching approach is rooted in individualization. He possesses a keen ability to pinpoint areas for growth in each golfer, tailoring his instruction to cater to their specific needs. His toolbox includes a diverse range of drills and training exercises meticulously designed to cultivate the muscle memory required for consistency in the sport.

For Coach Ahmad, creating a welcoming and secure learning environment is paramount. He believes that every golfer should have the opportunity to feel comfortable, both physically and emotionally, in their pursuit of mastering this beautiful game. His dedication to ensuring every individual's enjoyment and understanding of golf is unwavering.

With Coach Ahmad, you're not just getting a golf instructor; you're gaining a mentor who understands the deep-rooted nuances of the game and is committed to helping you unlock your true potential. So, whether you're a novice looking to learn the ropes or a seasoned player striving for refinement, Coach Ahmad is here to guide you on your golfing journey, just as his father did for him. Embrace the game, learn, and grow with a coach who embodies the spirit of golf in every swing and shares its love with every lesson.


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